Monday, February 4, 2013

Dennis, friend to family & fiend to rats

Rest In Piece, Dennis. I really, really miss you.
You were an amazing friend and I regret every time I ever got annoyed with you instead of appreciating every second I could have spent with you. You had more personality and charisma than most other cats combined, from the way you could make massive dogs stand down to your boundless ability to cuddle with headbutting to the way your lip got stuck over your fang to your distinct scars and missing teeth to your insatiable appetite for treats and meals.
I hope there is a cat heaven so you can get double portions there. I miss the hell out of you!
You'll be missed, my friend. You're one of a kind, and irreplaceable. I even based a cat in my book on you. Now he'll get a bigger role for sure, because everyone needs to have a feline compatriot like you in their life sometime..

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