Monday, February 4, 2013

emon xie's Archived Audio Links

Inspired by my bio-Dad's recent emails about planning to go visit archives of work he did with Broadsides TV back in the 70s that is now housed at ETSU, I dug up and posted some of my own archives so that they're available for folks if they're curious, though mostly for my son when he's 20 and wondering what I was doing at his age.
And when I wasn't making copies of student handbooks at Kinko's or slinging pizza dough at Papa John's or making burgers at Charlie Browns or fried okra at Ramsey's or cataloging and returning books at Knight Library, I was working 4 hour shifts during the Safe Harbor period of overnight college radio.
WRFL 88.1 fm Late Night College Radio Show Tapes
Old Sample & brick-a-brack Archives
Inspired from the high school audio antics of my pal Shawn "Thunderfunk 2000" Rice, I used to capture and collect samples from films and television to mix in during my overnight shows. I eventually fell to focusing on taping off an hour or so of CNN or the Today Show and playing it straight while trying to match soundtracks to it on the fly. Since no one was probably listening at 2 in the morning, seemed like a safe experimental exercise. When Steve Vance & Joe White & I shared accomidations, I'd wire the cable box, VHS decks, and assorted boom boxes into Joe's incredible 16 channel mixer and make massive mixes on the fly. Sadly can't find any of those now, or the Bunny Runner soundtrack I made with a DJ named Kel from D.C., or more sadly even the soundtrack I made old school style for my Tarot Card project at U of O that played throughout the Grad Show.
emon xie's audio collages
After working for video games for a spell I learned some tools like SoundForge, Acid, Vegas, and ProTools. So of course, as a long standing fan of Jack DangersJG Thirlwell, and ECC, I needed to try my amateur hand at crafting some beats and audio collages. Not saying they're good or anything, though they've been educational, and added a lot of depth to my respect for musicians trying to work to expand and challenge the boundaries through exploration & exploitation of the emerging technologies, cats like my friends Rob Bridgett and Scott "Loscil" Morgan.
KWVA 88.1 Fm on-air interview with animator Bill Plympton
After relocating to the west coast and returning to school at the University of Oregon, I had the good fortune to meet and work with some great folks at their version of 88.1 fm, KWVA.

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