Monday, February 4, 2013

Vancouver Film Festival Panel & Reel West Interview

I've been busy this month. Not only with NLG work, with the Baby O, with getting PADI certified for open water diving, there's more still.
Today I had the honor and privilege thanks to the good folks at Zeros 2 Heroes to serve on a panel about new, digital, and interactive media for the Vancouver Film Festival at the esteemed Vancouver International Film Center, yes that one with the super comfy seats on Seymour.
And, on top of surviving, nigh, enjoying the hell out of that and hopefully helping many a Film, Television, and Documentary Maker to see that there is both potential and risk with electing to go interactive, and precedents as well.
I met a sweltering bevy of wonderful people, people really impassioned and excited about the future of the respective industries, both for where they might converge, where they never will, and what might be learned amongst one another. I certainly learned a lot today, don't mind telling you.
Afterward I picked up the VIFF edition of  Reel West and discovered my interview with Ian Caddell is in it, and not as a snippet, oh no, as a sidebar! Boo-yah! I think their editing helped me sound way less goofy than I normally do, kudos for that kind peeps at Reel West, the must-read magazine for anyone in the entertainment industries of Canada.
After that, a complimentary white wine to celebrate, yum!
And met more interesting and groovy people as well, pretty intimidating for a cat that doesn't dig networking, speaks volumes to how nice people the Canadian industry folks really are.

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