Monday, February 4, 2013

Pontypool: See it, see it, see it, see it, see it, see it... Parlez Français ou mourez

Bruce McDonald's adaptation of a story written by Tony Burgess delivers tense, character driven dramatic delight.  Pontypool is a new favorite I'll likely use as reference point when discussing creative craftsmanship with anyone that'll listen. I will not spoil the surprise of the film, just go see it. And understand that I am seriously thrilled to learn that a sequel to Pontypool is now in the works from the same creative team.
I'm all the more thrilled that I'd somehow missed all Cannes hype about this film and entered into it blindly expecting something either documentary or scary, though I wasn't sure which.I'm not sure how I'd never seen any of Bruce's film work previously, though I'd unknowingly seen plenty of his TV work directing episodes of shows like Lexx.
And sure, I'd heard of Hard Core Logo before, however, I'd erroneously thought that HCL was a documentary about corporate trademark iconography. I'm often considered an idiot by close friends and family, so no real surprise there. After watching Pontypool, I immediately rectified this erroneous impression of Bruce McDonald's directorial background and tracked down more of his fare, starting with Hard Core Logo the very same evening.

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