Monday, February 4, 2013

Hard Core Logo: How've I Not Seen This Before?!?

Having recently discovered Bruce McDonald through Pontypool, I've begun a quest to see everything the man has made, directed, etc. starting with the film that many Canadians of my generation consider as much a staple of growing up as SlapshotFubarLittlest Hobo, or Beachcombers.
Hard Core Logo is a burly sloppy joe comprised of one part Spinal Tapone part Hedwiga couple parts Trailerpark Boys, and with a slight hint of Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks band woes of  Sid & Nancy in the aftertaste. Add to that some great cameos from cats like Joey RamoneDOA w/ Joey Shithead (if only they'd also gotten some power pop Pointed Sticks in there somewhere!) and you have a mockumentary road trip across the real and cultural landscape of Canada in the 90's. A film Christopher Guest must certainly approve of, possibly Jim Jarmusch as well.
The ending caught me off guard, yet suited the film perfectly, enough so I'm a little baffled there appears to be a sequel in the works or floating around out there.

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